Cupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Take a Mini-Honeymoon in VirginiaCupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Take a Mini-Honeymoon in Virginia

By Jennifer Ross

Keeping in theme with their South Carolina wedding, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds decided on a mini-honeymoon at Virginia’s Inn in Little Washington, South Carolina, according to People. Located an hour and a half west of our nation’s capital, the Inn is operated by Chef Patrick O’Connell. It includes a French inspired restaurant, locally grown food and a 14,000 wine bottle cellar. As reported by the Washington Post, Reynolds, 35, wore a light blue shirt and khakis when he and his bride dined in the garden for a late dinner. The couple then spent Saturday night there before heading back to New York City.

What are some quick honeymoons to take as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although a wedding is one of the most memorable moments in your life, it may come at a time when your work schedule is full. If this is your case, here are a few examples of how you can have a mini romantic honeymoon that is sure to please:

1. In your own backyard: No, this is not in reference to the yard behind your home. Rather, it’s about creating a wonderful experience of enjoying what your town has to offer. Whether you live in rural town or a bustling city, every town has spas, fine dining, luxury hotels or resorts, along with events and nightlife that can make for a very exciting time. Plus, it includes the shortest drive home in the end.

2. Head west to wine country: Another honeymoon that does not require a passport is the wine regions of California. There are many wine resorts and villa rentals to set the romantic mood.  Besides all the great wine tasting, there is also hot-air balloon rides, golfing, and spas. Just remember to hire car service to prevent any drinking and driving.

3. Beach destination: For a romantic beach destination without leaving the U.S., head over to Kiawah Island, South Carolina. While it is not actually an island, it is predominantly surrounded by water. Although Kiawah Island is known for their professional golf courses, you can also enjoy playing tennis, fishing, canoeing through the beautiful marsh-lined creeks, shopping, fine dining or simply laying on the beach. It contains all the joys of the Florida Keys, at a lower cost and without the over-crowdedness.

Did you and your spouse take a quick honeymoon? Tell us all about it below!