Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Middleton and Prince William Win Ruling Barring Scandalous PhotosCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Middleton and Prince William Win Ruling Barring Scandalous Photos

By Jennifer Ross

Much to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s satisfaction, the royal couple has won their first round against Closer magazine, according to People. As reported by the BBC, the French court ruled on Tuesday that the magazine must cease from republishing the photos of the Duchess sunbathing topless. Also, they have been ordered to turn over all original photographs to Prince William and Middleton within 24 hours or incur a daily fine of 10,000 Euros. However, the ruling applies only to France, allowing other publications in several other countries to continue publishing the photos. Nevertheless, the royal couple has filed a criminal complaint against Closer and will be seeking damages. It looks like the French magazine may have risked more than they can handle.

What are some ways to support your partner’s goals?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether your partner has a goal to lose weight, write a book, or go for that next promotion, you can bet that they will need support from you, whether they ask for it or not. Here are some steps for you to take on their journey:

1. Show up: If you genuinely want to support your mate, you must show up…mentally and physically. That means not only being by their side, but listening to both their frustrations and joys regarding the goal. Make yourself be present and aware to them, giving them the sense that they are not alone.

2. Be a coach and a cheerleader: Sometimes, your partner will come across a challenge that requires more of you than just being present. In these instances, be ready to give them a pep talk and motivate them in a positive direction. Also remember to congratulate them for the little successes, giving them energy to continue forward.

3. Know when to back off: Finally, keep an eye out for the moments when the challenge requires them to walk alone. Allow them to bounce last minute ideas and strategies off of you and then step aside. No matter how much you want to assist, you must allow your partner to fight their battle without you. Just remind them beforehand that when they return, you will be there waiting for them, with open arms.

What are some ways your partner supported you? Feel free to comment below.