Cupid's Pulse Article: Lucy Hale Insists She’s Not Dating Colton HaynesCupid's Pulse Article: Lucy Hale Insists She’s Not Dating Colton Haynes

By Erin Minty

Lucy Hale, the 23-year-old star of Pretty Little Liars, puts the rumors to rest about dating the hunky Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes. After the two arrived at Mr. C Beverly Hills September 15, reports, many people suspected that the friends had become more.  However, Hale denies these rumors, saying, “He’s jut a friend here tonight. Although, I would be very lucky to have him on my arm! We’re just friends.” She adds that Haynes, who is currently single, “could have anyone!” Hale herself is taken, though, as she’s dating American Horror Story actor Chris Zylka.

What are some ways to keep your relationship under wraps at first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, you may want to keep a new relationship away from the public eye. Cupid has some advice on how to keep your relationship under wraps at first:

1. Be discrete: Having a relationship in secret can be hard work, but there are ways to keep it out of the public eye. Meet in private locations, don’t act too lovey in front of others and don’t talk about your mysterious partner to anyone until you want them to know.

2. Don’t ignore your friends:  If you are repeatedly busy whenever your friends want to hang out, it will be a huge warning sign. Make sure you leave equal time for your relationship and your family and friends.

3. Be on the same page:  in order for any secret to stay a secret, you need to make sure you and your partner both agree. If someone tells one person, who tells another, and so on, the secret is out and it will be too late.  Make sure you are both on the same page regarding who to tell and not tell.

How did you manage to keep your relationship under wraps?  Share your advice below!