Cupid's Pulse Article: Cosmetic Surgery: How Does It Affect Your Relationship?Cupid's Pulse Article: Cosmetic Surgery: How Does It Affect Your Relationship?

By Ed Beardsell

In recent years, cosmetic surgery has become more widespread and acceptable in the United Kingdom. The taboo associated with plastic surgery is being replaced with a more general view that surgery is a legitimate way to improve appearance. The decision to go under the knife is often seen as a private and personal decision. However, the procedure and its results can often have a significant impact on the people closest to the individual undergoing it. This is especially true for partners who must face the changes cosmetic surgery will bring. Can it be said that altering one’s appearance will really affect one’s relationship?

The Positives

1. Confidence boost for the patient.

After cosmetic surgery, patients often have more confidence in themselves which can strengthen the relationship as a result. People with low confidence may shut themselves away and not want to socialise or try new experiences and surgery may change all of this. The patient may even have the confidence to strive for more in life which could benefit the couple both financially and help bolster their confidence once more.

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2. Improvements in the bedroom.

Before surgery your partner may have been ashamed or embarrassed about their body so much so that their intimate relationships may have suffered. However, after surgery there is a strong chance that it will improve as their confidence grows which is of course, beneficial to their partner too (nudge nudge, wink wink).

The Negatives

1. “I like you as you are.”

Many partners may be set against their other half’s surgery as they believe they are fine as they are. After all, they fell in love with their partner looking the way they do and may think it is unnecessary to change. Partners can often fear surgery could change their partner’s personality as well as their appearance.

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2. The cost.

There is no getting away from the fact the plastic surgery is expensive and indeed, even some quite minor procedures can cost thousands. The high cost of surgery can cause arguments and strain the relationship between even the closest couples.

3. Confidence can change a person.

A partner may worry that while cosmetic surgery may give their other half confidence, it could also change their personality. This may seem quite ridiculous however patient, galvanized by their new found confidence may want to try new and exciting things whereas the partner is quite happy to stay as they were before the surgery.

4. Jealousy.

An improved appearance often results in more attention from the opposite sex. Whilst the patient may view this as a compliment, their partner often takes a very different viewpoint. The partner may not be able to deal with the extra attention their other half is now receiving and this jealousy could be detrimental to the whole relationship.

There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery has the possibility of affecting a person’s relationship. We have seen how it could potentially improve or indeed cause a great deal of damage. It is, therefore, clear that potential cosmetic surgery patients must be fully aware of their partner’s feelings before undergoing a procedure. If both sides are aware of the possible problems that could be solved as well as those which might arise, then there is a greater chance that any future issues will be calmly resolved.

This article was produced by Ed Beardsell who writes for the UK based plastic surgery portal Clinic Compare at Clinic Compare are dedicated to providing potential cosmetic surgery patients with a comprehensive resource of impartial advice and guidance on a wide range of cosmetic procedures.