Cupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Ann Inaba Calls Off Her EngagementCupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Ann Inaba Calls Off Her Engagement

By Jennifer Ross

Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, and her fiancé, Jesse Sloan, have called off their wedding. The two came to this decision back in early summer and have remained friends since then, according to People. There is no news yet of the official reason for the break-up. Sloan had proposed to Inaba, on Live! With Regis and Kelly in March 2011.

What are some circumstances in which you should call off your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

You have just begun to plan for your wedding, but something seems wrong with your vision. Is it the venue, the dress, the caterer…or the fiancé? Before you pick out the invitation card, you had better confirm your fiancé is the one. Here are a few warning signs that it is best not to move forward with the wedding:

1. Simply too young: As you think about your future wedding day, you notice your fiancé thinks about future clubbing days. Are you two on the right path? Sometimes, an engagement can make a person realize just how young they are and whether they are ready for the life-long commitment of marriage. If being engaged is too much too soon, do not fret. There is plenty of time to get there, as long as you are willing to work it out.

2. I don’t know you: As exciting as it is to become engaged, it is also added pressure to your relationship. It is during this new level of stress that deeper levels of a personality will come out and they are not all positive. Is your partner the same person you thought you they were? Do they handle the pressure in a good or bad way? If the engagement had brought out a bad side you have never seen, you may have not known them after all.

3. Avoids discussing the wedding: It is only natural that one partner may be more interested in the wedding details than the other. However, if your fiancé completely objects to speaking about any details at all, there is a bigger problem. To have any annoyance or hostility to an event that is suppose to join you two as one means one of you either is not ready to get married or believes they are marrying the wrong person. Either way, all plans should stop.

Did something happen that made you realize it was time to call off the engagement? Tell us below.