Cupid's Pulse Article: Venus Williams Steps Out With New Boyfriend Elio PisCupid's Pulse Article: Venus Williams Steps Out With New Boyfriend Elio Pis

By Nicole Weintraub

Tennis champ Venus Williams has found herself a new love interest, according to People. The lucky man is none other than Elios Pis, a Cuban model who has been working with Williams on her athletic line, EleVen. The two have been reportedly dating for several months, and her new beau supported her from the sidelines during her matches. Last year, Williams dropped out of the U.S. Open, though last week she came back to the sport with her new man cheering her on. While she lost in the second round, the pair will be around for New York Fashion Week.

What are some ways to support your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice:

There is a fine line between being proud of your partner for their career accomplishments and being too involved. Here are some tips on how to support your partner:

1. Cheer them on: Attend important staff functions with them; introduce yourself to your partner’s coworkers. There are tons of ways to show your partner you support them by just being there for them.

2. Don’t get too involved: Don’t constantly be around your partner’s workplace or get too friendly with coworkers. Just remember that this is your partner’s career and not your own. It’s fine to support them and be involved but don’t overstay your welcome.

3. Lend a shoulder: When your partner is having a tough week, listen to them. Help them through it by offering them advice and trying to get their mind off of things. Don’t try to solve their problems for them.

How do you show support for your partner’s career? Tell us!