Cupid's Pulse Article: Why It’s OK to Have Kids Later In LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Why It’s OK to Have Kids Later In Life

By Ken Myers

It wasn’t that long ago that women were expected to have kids in their 20’s, and any woman that ventured into motherhood after she turned 30 was seriously testing her fertility waters, not to mention was destined to be an old mom who wouldn’t be able to keep up with her young children. However as women continue to gain a stronger foothold in the corporate world and are experiencing a shift in personal goals, they are also invoking a serious delay in when they decide to have kids; many are opting to have their children well into their 40’s.

Actress Uma Thurman is a prime example of this trend. Thurman, who is 42, just recently welcomed her third child into the world, and while many fans have rallied behind her in support, an equal amount have pronounced disgust at her decision to have kids so late in life, holding fast to the notion that women need to be young moms to be good moms.

So why are women waiting longer to have kids these days? Here are five reasons that many women have decided it’s OK to wait to have kids until in your 30’s or even 40’s:

1. Their career comes first: It’s taken a long time for women to gain equality in the workplace, and many women are reluctant to give that newfound career equivalence up to have kids. Instead they are opting to further their career first and have kids second, whereas not too long ago it was the other way around.

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2. Time spent with their spouse is more important: Many women are opting to spend more quality time with their spouses before trading in alone time for time spent with kids. This is usually done in an effort to experience as much of life as possible with their significant other while they’re still young, instead of waiting until the kids are out of the house to do so.

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3. Their education is taking the front seat: With more education options available and many people choosing to further their education by pursuing their masters and doctorate degrees, the decision to have kids early is being put on the backburner.

4. Achieving financial security is a priority: Most parents will tell you that you’ll never be fully ready to have kids; however, despite this, many couples are putting a higher value on ensuring they have a more guaranteed financial security net in place before they decide to try having kids.

5. Personal maturity: These days many women are recognizing that they simply don’t feel ready to have children at such a young age, and are waiting to have kids until they’ve developed more as an adult.

Whether you decide to have kids in your 20’s or your 40’s makes no difference, no matter what anyone else may say. Sure, some women may have more trouble getting pregnant right away the longer they wait to have kids, but your age has no bearing on your ability to be a good mother.

Ken Myers the editor in chief  is a frequent contributor of Ken helps acquiring knowledge on the duties & responsibilities of  nannies to society.