Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Emerges for First Time Post-Photo ScandalCupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Emerges for First Time Post-Photo Scandal

By Jennifer Ross

Prince Harry is out again; this time with clothes on! After his scandalous Las Vegas trip, where he posed with all his glory, the royal red-head, 27, has made his first public appearance at the WellChild Awards on Monday that was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in London. The Prince currently serves as patron of the charity and was in attendance to give a speech at the ceremony, according to E! Online. Seeing as adults are not the only ones watching the Prince, let’s hope he has learned his lesson. After all, not all things stay in Vegas.

What are some ways to keep your intimate details to yourself?

Cupid’s Advice:

With today’s technology allowing every experience to go virtually instantly into the world, some moments are best kept private.  Here are a few tips on how to stay low key:

1. Electronics free: In entertaining situations with friends and loved ones, who doesn’t like to snap a few photos to reminisce about later or post via Facebook? However, when the party gets down and dirty, it is time to put the electronics to bed.  Especially when the alcohol is flowing, be sure to keep the smart phones put away.

2. Trust is No.1: When having fun at a party, it can be easy to let loose with your words, among other things. This is where you must be certain to know who’s around you first. Surrounding yourself with close friends that always have your best interest at heart is a good way to insure embarrassing moments won’t travel far.

3. Keep it sealed: In the event that you find yourself mingling with new acquaintances, less is more. It does not matter how cool or funny they seem, they are not your best friend! Therefore, the only way to avoid a regrettable tomorrow morning is not to share anything you wouldn’t want the world to hear or see.

How do you keep your personal moments private? Comment below!