Cupid's Pulse Article: On-Again, Off-Again: Celebrity Couples Who Can’t Make Up Their MindsCupid's Pulse Article: On-Again, Off-Again: Celebrity Couples Who Can’t Make Up Their Minds

By Deanna Atkins and Laura Seaman

In Hollywood, you never know who’s going to be the next big couple, especially when the new duo may breakup before official word even gets out. To be fair, it has to be difficult to maintain a relationship that’s constantly in the public eye. Aside from frequent budding romances, we’re constantly hearing about those twosomes who just can’t commit. They’re on one week and off the next week, and then before you know it, they’ve eloped…only to divorce weeks later.

These three pairs constantly keep us guessing and never fail to surprise us with yet another breakup or makeup. Sometimes we enjoy staying on their relationship roller coaster ride, but still, we have to wonder why these stars are so incapable of staying together:

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney: If you were as busy as the pop star, you’d probably find it challenging to keep a boyfriend too. But as her touring schedule has slowed down, it seems like she and the Chicago Fire actor are back on again! The ‘Born this Way’ singer has been with the 33-year-old for three years now, and rumor has it, she’s been looking at wedding dresses in Canada. The pair have been seen on romantic skinny dips and dining at Gaga’s father’s restaurant, but don’t be fooled by their seemingly effortless relationship because it’s definitely a tough one to maintain.

Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Whether this couple’s out of control relationship was purely for entertainment purposes or not, everyone can’t help but love to hate the Jersey Shore duo. The guido and guidette got together on the first season of the show, and, ever since, we’ve seen the twosome through the crying, name calling, and all out physical brawls. It’s actually a rarity when they’re filmed not fighting.

That said, there are those times they honestly look happy together. Between his fohawk and her Jersey-girl attitude, they couldn’t be more perfect for one another. Let’s give them some credit though: Since the filming of the sixth season ended, they’re officially on and have even moved in together.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: This A-List couple has been on and off for quite a while. As of now, the pair seems to be back together. For the past few years, fans have been told about their constant breakups, only to be shown pictures of the two cuddling on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that there’s friction between them. The former Disney star seems to be rapidly climbing the ladder of success in both music and film. Bieber, on the other hand, just keeps getting in trouble and can’t seem to catch a break. From his DUI to videos of his vulgar behavior, this pop star isn’t gaining much support lately. For a while, there was even a petition to deport him to his home country! Despite all of this drama, America’s darling seems to be smitten with this Canadian bad boy.

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Whether these celebrities don’t realize what they have in front of them or they’re waiting to see what else is out there, anyone can relate to needing a push in the right direction. It may be time to quit the games and find a more compatible mate or accept that you’re truly in love with your partner. Either way, it’s not beneficial for anyone to be in a consistent on-again, off-again relationship!

Have you ever been in an on-again, off-again relationship? Share your experiences below.