Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz & A-Rod: Are They Hooking Up Or Not?Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz & A-Rod: Are They Hooking Up Or Not?

Serial daters and heart-breakers Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly hooking up, though neither stars’ camp has confirmed the rumor.  So far, the relationship is said to have consisted mostly of “sleepovers” occurring everywhere from Miami to New York City, multiple sources, including the New York Post, are reporting.  Both Diaz and Rodriguez are famous for their past breakups, including Justin Timberlake and Kate Hudson respectively, but lately, both are dating without any indication of wanting a commitment.

Can two people who can’t seem to commit to anyone else make things work together?

Cupid’s Advice:

While both Diaz and Rodriguez have had lasting relationships in the past, it’s likely that this one will fizzle fast, given their recent dating history.  Still, it’s important to know things like that when you starting dating someone; it’s helpful to know where you and your mate stand in terms of commitment.

1. Do the research: Yes, it can seem awkward, and maybe a bit stalker-ish, but a little digging never hurt anyone — as long as you don’t take it to a level that would make a secret government agent cringe.  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all good social media sites that have privacy levels, so whatever information you can access is OK, since everyone else can access that information, too.

2. Make your feelings known: There’s no need to have “the talk” until things get more serious, but you can let someone know where you stand in terms of love and commitment in small ways.  Saying things like, “I’m just having fun right now,” or, “I’m really looking to settle down,” can give your partner clues as to what you want.

3. Have the talk…eventually: If you’ve been dating regularly for several weeks without a label, it’s time to figure out where you stand.