Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Russell Brand Dating a Spice Girl?Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Russell Brand Dating a Spice Girl?

By Jennifer Ross

It seems that Russell Brand, the British Comic, has a taste for ginger — Ginger Spice that is. Brand, 37, and Geri Halliwell, 40, are reported to be dating, according to The Sun, British paper. Out in public, the two have been seen together in London at Hampton Court Palace, along with Halliwell’s daughter from a previous relationship, 6-year-old Bluebell.  More recently, Brand posed with the Spice Girls in a Twitter picture at the London Olympics’ closing ceremony, which was considered to be the Spice Girls’ amazing reunion performance. With his divorce from ex-wife, Katy Perry, only a month old, Brand also briefly dated Isabella Brewster, younger sister to Dallas star Jordana Brewster. Let’s hope this relationship lasts!

How do you know if someone is boyfriend material?

Cupid’s Advice:

With so many personalities in this world, finding a boyfriend may not always be sugar and spice and everything nice.  Here are some things to consider when searching for a new love interest.

1. Communication is key: When you speak, does he hear you?  Better yet, does he remember what you’ve said? Good communication starts with an open space to express your thoughts and includes someone on the other end listening, being able to understand, and even challenge you in a positive manner.

2. Attraction: Good communication without attraction is the same as having a relationship with your brother — sure you love each other, but not in the romantic way. In order to have a boyfriend, there must be a mutual intimate connection to each other, and that starts with physical attraction.

3. You’ve bettered yourself: Another thing to consider is who you were before you met him and who you have become.  With all this physical attraction and communication between you two, thoughts and feelings are inevitably going to change.  Have you changed for the better?  If spending this much time with him encourages you to be a better you, then it looks like you may have a keeper!

What made you choose your boyfriend?  What are the traits you admire most about him? Tell us!