Cupid's Pulse Article: Musician Kimberly Cole Says to “Embrace the Butterflies” When DatingCupid's Pulse Article: Musician Kimberly Cole Says to “Embrace the Butterflies” When Dating

By Steven Zangrillo

Reality TV has become a melting pot for people from all walks of life. There are those people who take part for the spectacle, and others who use it as a springboard for bigger career opportunities. Although not a star on Oxygen Network’s The Bad Girls Club, musician Kimberly Cole used reality television to jumpstart her music career by promoting the show with the hit single “Smack You” off of her 2010 album, Bad Girls Club.

Cole chatted with us about the challenges she faces as an artist, shedding perspective on what creative personalities deal with as they navigate their career. She even spoke about her love for fashion and how what you wear can translate on the first date. The most important take-away from our conversation with Cole is that being true to yourself and doing what you feel is in your heart is the best approach.

Perhaps this philosophy can be best explained in Cole’s recent single, “U Make Me Wanna,” which features an infectious dance beat with Keith Apicary (Nathan Barnatt) who is absolutely killing it on the dance floor. “We originally had this ‘video vixen’ idea for the shoot, so it was really surprising that Keith came out and blew us away with his moves,” Cole gushes. When you get a good look at Apicary, he embodies the kind of feel-good goofiness that pop music does not always seem to embrace.

His audition was classic, and the video, even better.

In addition to her singing career, Cole hosts FM (short for Fashion + Music).  “When you create a song, you immediately think about what you’re going to be wearing. When you put on an outfit, it creates a mood – even a ‘swag.'”  Cole successfully combines the two. When asked about fashion advice for a first date, Cole’s response: “Well, that depends… do I or don’t I want to see this person again? If it’s someone who I think I’m interested in, I’ll definitely pare it down a little bit.”

Cole feels that being an artist poses a unique circumstance. “There really shouldn’t be any rules in fashion. Artists walk a fine line, and sometimes, we catch criticism for it. Obviously, you wouldn’t be out wearing a meat dress like Lady Gaga on a first date. At the end of the day, wear something that makes you feel good. It’s hot to be comfortable in what you’re wearing.”

Of course, this discussion brought up the question of Cole’s personal love life, which she navigated with stealth. “I do keep a few things under wraps,” she says. “However, I will say that if you’re not exploring relationships, feeling the highs and the heartbreaks, then you’re not gaining much inspiration. That inspiration definitely comes out in my music.”

Delving even deeper into her dating philosophy, Cole believes that “we all have those butterflies. If navigating a relationship was easy, it would be no fun!” She continued, “There aren’t any real tricks for moving past that nervousness – but I will say that it is what makes us human. We should embrace that.”

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As far as her upcoming projects, she has a ton of new music coming out. Throw that together with her work at FM, some new television projects and preparation for an upcoming tour – it’s safe to say she has a full plate. “A lot of hard work is paying off, and I couldn’t be looking forward to it more,” she says.

You can find out more information about Kimberly and catch the latest FM episodes, which are part of Stylehaul, at And, of course, don’t forget to check out “U Make Me Wanna” on iTunes!