Cupid's Pulse Article: Anna Post Talks Etiquette Rules for DatingCupid's Pulse Article: Anna Post Talks Etiquette Rules for Dating

Oh, you think you’ve found the perfect man, haven’t you? Everything is going swimmingly right up until… he lets off a biblical belch right in front of your friends. Or maybe he isn’t entirely courteous to your server at the dinner party you planned with four other couples. Even worse, his sense of style leaves you cringing at the thought of anyone seeing the two of you together.  Deal breakers or bad habits? Whatever the case may be, Anna Post, the great-great-grandaughter of etiquette queen Emily Post, knows what the books say about bad manners, and now, she’s teaming with Ponds to help women put their best face forward.

What’s great is that Anna is also up-to-date when it comes to technology etiquette in the dating world. For example, is it right for a man to ask me out via text? When should you change your Facebook status? To gain perspective, we chatted with Anna about the small behavioral details that add up to big relationship problems. From eating with your mouth open to digital dating techniques, Anna sheds insight on all of the things you may need to know.

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