Cupid's Pulse Article: The Upcoming Film ‘The Words’ Will Leave You SpeechlessCupid's Pulse Article: The Upcoming Film ‘The Words’ Will Leave You Speechless

By Jessica Smith

Oh the drama! Bradley Cooper is back on the big screen with his upcoming film The Words, and we even get to see the hunk get teary eyed (whose heart doesn’t melt when they see a man cry?). Not only will there be enough romance to fuel our fantasies, but we’ll also get to see the sexy smirk of Dennis Quaid and envy the beautiful Zoe Zaldana and Olivia Wilde for having these boys under their spell. Cooper plays a struggling author who stumbles upon another man’s love story. He publishes the story as his own and quickly strides to the top, but he’ll learn that there’s a serious price to pay for stealing another man’s work and essentially his life. The movie recently came to theaters on September 7, so don’t miss your chance to see the beauty, drama, romance and suspense of how the story ends!

Should You See It: Definitely. It looks like a movie that will keep you guessing, and there are a lot of A-list actors and actresses to ensure a stellar performance.

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Who To Take: This is a movie for a wide range audience. Go see it on a girl’s night out. Take your significant other. Go with your mom and watch her swoon over Dennis Quaid. Regardless of who you take, it will be a movie you can enjoy together.

In the film, Cooper’s character and his significant other are having serious money problems. He can’t seem to get his career to take off, and he fears he might not have the capability to become the person he thought he was destined to be. Self-doubt is a terrible feeling, but luckily he had Zoe’s character to encourage and inspire him. Experiencing money issues is one of the most common struggles from couple to couple. Money is something that we all need, but don’t always have.

How can you avoid feeling hopeless and bring positive energy to a bad situation?

1. Keep things in perspective: The world is not ending and the sky is still in tact so don’t overreact! If you blow things out of proportion not only will you stress yourself out unnecessarily, but you’ll also create unneeded tension between you and your partner. Instead, keep calm and carry on!

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2. Encouragement vs discouragement: If your partner’s going through a tough time, the last person they want to be torn apart emotionally by is their loved one. If you bring them down, you’re likely to go with them. Remember for better or for worse? Well, even if you’re not married this should still apply. Now’s your time to spark a flame under their heiny and get them moving and motivated! If you want a better life go work for it!

3. Don’t give up: This is probably the best advice anyone could ever give you. We’ve all heard it. Nobody like a quitter. If you’ve hit rock bottom just remember the only place you can go from there is up. Don’t be afraid to take chances! Believe in yourself and your partner to succeed, and when you do, all the hardship will only make your triumph sweeter.

How have you and your partner worked together to make a bad situation better? Share your comments below!