Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Throw a Classic Movie NightCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Throw a Classic Movie Night

By Sarah Ribeiro

This weekend, get to know your partner better by exploring each other’s tastes in movies. Your beau might have a film close to their hearts that you never knew about. Pick out your favorite classic films and spend the weekend cuddling on the couch, sharing your film preferences with each other.

Start off your movie night by creating a real movie atmosphere. Dim the lights and bring out all your movie snacks. Load up beforehand on candy bars, pretzels and nachos to munch on. Split up “cooking” duties with your sweetheart: one of you can pop some corn on the stove, while the other works on homemade slushies.

To set up the night, start by writing down each of your top ten favorite films on individual pieces of paper. Be sure to have one film for each genre, separating the flicks into horror, comedy, action, chick flick, rom-com, foreign, musical, western, sci-fi and indie. Mix things up and go for older movies — either from the golden Hollywood era or from your childhood. That way, you can start a conversation about what makes those films important to you, getting a better feel for each other’s interests. After writing down your list, both you and your honey can throw your personal ten into a hat, and pick out a couple slips to make the decision-making process easier. After all, no one wants to fight over a movie on date night.

If you need help picking out a movie or just want ideas for great movies to add to your list, check some online “best of” lists. The American Film Institute has posted “The 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time”, and Time Out has posted both “The Top 50 Movies to Watch As a Family” and “The Top 50 Sports Films of All Time” as a reference. Then, the two of you can find movies you both agree on — or even watch some all-time favorites that you’ve never seen before.

After your hours of movie watching, get yourself ready for your next movie date — and this time, head to the theaters. Peruse the internet for movie trailers and figure out which films just may be your newest favorites.

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