Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian’s New FlameCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian’s New Flame

A little over two months after her breakup with longtime boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian has her eyes on yet another football star – The Dallas Cowboy’s Miles Austin.  After meeting at an L.A. restaurant, the two have kept in touch, and have even gone on a few dates.  An insider told People, “It’s going really well.”  While they aren’t officially dating, the relationship seems promising.  The two are reportedly “taking it slow.”  A friend of the couple said that Kardashian “thinks he’s a really good guy.  He’s really sweet to her….  He thinks Kim is his dream girl.”Is it wise to date the same type?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself frequently drawn to the same kind of man.  Before entering a relationship with yet another “type” of guy, consider Cupid’s suggestions:

1. Are you hurt? If you constantly date the same type of man and find yourself hurt at the end of a relationship, then it’s time for something new.  On the other hand, if your relationships are healthy and usually end with some kind of mutual agreement, then your choice in men is fine the way it is.

2. Do you ever wish for more? Similar men typically have similar shortcomings.  If your current relationship does not offer all you wish for, chances are, your typecast guy will leave you with the same feelings.  Make a change if you’re unhappy.

3. Step out of your comfort zone: If you’ve been dating the same kind of guy since high school and find yourself hurt and unhappy in relationships, then you need something different.  It may be difficult at first, but putting yourself out there and dating people that you would normally pass by or disregard could prove to be rewarding.

For more info on types of partners, check out Cupid’s interview with Andrea Syrtash’s, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (and that’s a good thing).