Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Make Sure Your Summer Romance Falls Into AutumnCupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Make Sure Your Summer Romance Falls Into Autumn

By Dr. Tranquility — Lydia Belton, PhD, Ct. H.A.

The fun and flirtiness of summer makes this season notorious for lust and love. Whether you’re still testing the waters like Kim Kardashian and her new beau Kanye West, or you have found long-lasting love like Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux, here are some tips to make your summer romance endless.

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1. Plan your fall activities now: With Labor Day right around the corner, you and your special someone will have no problem finding something to do as long as the long weekend is filled with activities. Consider the Hudson Valley Fall Festivals or visit Cape Cod in Boston to check out Martha’s Vineyard for festivals and fairs going on all weekend. On the West Coast, travel to San Francisco (the weather is better in the fall than in the summer) or Laguna Beach. Wherever you decide to go or not, the point is that planning together strengthens the commitment in your relationship while giving both of you something in which to look forward.

2. Get into a routine: Things tend to get a little “real” when September rolls around and you realize that you have to get back into your work or school routine. Now is the time to ease into those very important chats about where your relationship fits among all of the other chaos. Fall also brings along family and holiday gatherings.  Get a feel for each other’s traditions and core values.  Holidays tend to bring tension and anxiety to a new relationship, so reduce the stress with lots of communication, and be prepared for the family reunions and gift giving to come.

3. Get excited for football season: What is more fun than tailgating for a big game with all of your friends? Get all of the food and beverages together, and make an awesome day trip out of it. If either of you have a college homecoming game on the horizon or a professional football game you’re dying to attend, go together for an unforgettable experience.

4. Fall means fall clothes: Shopping is my all-time favorite sport. Plan to go on a spree like a Kardashian, but do it together.  Hit one of those great outlet malls to make your shopping outing even more enjoyable. Helping one other select clothes you both like is an intimate activity — you’ll both be stimulated by the experience, so make sure to have a great night planned as well.

5. Stay in touch while at work: If you are both career people, the end of summer means an accelerated work schedule. Don’t let work have all of your attention. Call or text your honey to simply ask how his or her day is going. Try to keep it short to respect each other’s schedules, but do it at least once each day. It shows that you are in each other’s thoughts and that you care, which is essential to budding your relationship. When you get together after a long day, give each other a detailed breakdown to show your partner that they’re a part of your life even when you’re not together.

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There are a couple weeks still left of summer, so keep up the romance by completing everything you have left to do on your checklist. Go kayaking, continue to dine outdoors and have another beach day before it’s back to business in the fall. All of the time you spend together now will help you develop and maintain the feelings that will keep your relationship thriving throughout the fall.

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