Cupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Weisz Opens Up About Her Marriage to Daniel CraigCupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Weisz Opens Up About Her Marriage to Daniel Craig

Bourne Legacy star Rachel Weisz has never truly been open about her secretive year-long marriage with Daniel Craig…until now. reports that in the September issue of Marie Claire UK Weisz shares how their relationship evolved and what it’s like balancing motherhood, her career and Craig’s career. When asked if it was love at first sight, Weisz said, “It wasn’t really like that; we’d been friends for ages.” Without delving into too many details, Weisz felt more comfortable talking about her career rather than her love life. “You both understand you’ve got to be flexible,” she says. “Every few months you start a new job.” It sounds like this acting duo has found the perfect balancing act between overexposure and privacy.

What details of your marriage should you keep to yourself?

Cupid’s Advice:

Talking about your relationship is a healthy habit, but you do not want to expose every little detail. Here’s how to know you’ve gone too far:

1. Fights: As angry as you may be, spilling all of the details about your fights is never a good idea. You can tell friends and family why you’re fighting, but do not delve into ‘he said, she said,’ details, because it will only cause more drama.

2. Intimate moments: There are certain moments in your marriage that are only meant for the two of you, and the two of you alone. Intimate moments like cuddling and talking about how much you love each other should only be for your memory, not anyone else’s.

3. What you do not like about your counterpart: I’m sure you can make an entire list expressing everything you love about your partner, but one negative comment will erase the entire positive. Only share the good details of your marriage, or it will come back to bite you.

What details of your marriage do you think you should you keep to yourself? Tell us below.