Cupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Says Mike Fisher Loves All of Her CrazinessCupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Says Mike Fisher Loves All of Her Craziness

By Erin Minty

Country star Carrie Underwood has found someone who loves “all of her craziness”: her husband of two years, Mike Fisher. Since their marriage in 2010, the couple is still as happy and in love as ever, according to  Though the singer and her NHL hubby are both so busy, they take the extra effort to make their marriage work, like vacations to Disney Animal Kingdom in July.  Underwood shares that the two text and tweet “I love you” every day to each other, as well as making their time together count by going on dates. With such busy work lives, it is great to see a couple that makes it work, despite the obstacles they face.

How do you know if someone’s weak points are something you can live with?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most people are not perfect, and there may be a few elements of their lives that you don’t like.  Cupid has some advice on figuring out whether or not those weak points are something you can live with in your relationship.

1. Talk to your partner: If you have a problem with an element of your partner’s life that you are unsure about, talk to them.  It may be something that is unavoidable, or the two of you may be able to come to a compromise. Either way, if you leave the conversation feeling better about the issue then the relationship is probably worth it.

2. If the positives outweigh the negatives: In any relationship, there may be elements of your partner that you don’t think are perfect.  But you shouldn’t abandon ship because of one little pet peeve.  Think about it: are there more positives than negatives in your relationship? Try to focus on those points instead. 

3. Test it out: If you really can’t decide whether or not you can live with the weak points, try it out for a little while. After a time, if the relationship is driving you crazy, you’ll know that the problems are too much to handle. If you still want to stay with the person, you’ll know that you can handle a few little issues.

How do you know if you can handle your partner’s weak points? Let us know below!