Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hit and Run’: A Comedy to Close the SummerCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hit and Run’: A Comedy to Close the Summer

By Jessica Smith

When couples move in together they often find out that their partner isn’t the person they originally thought they were. You might be taken by surprise when you realize they’re OCD about the dishes or they’re a control freak when it comes to their possessions, but none of that compares to finding out that your partner is a member of the Witness Protection Program because they have a dirty past. Kristen Bell’s character Annie handles the element of surprise like most women would – she panics. Hit and Run is an action rom-com that will keep you guessing and definitely have you laughing. The film was written by funny man Dax Shepard who also stars as Charlie, the ex-bank-robber-getaway-driver-boyfriend, who does his best to protect Annie when she’s caught up in his mess. While you watch Charlie try to untangle the issues of his past, you might have to deal with seeing ladies man Bradley Cooper as a bad boy with some pretty bad dreads. In between the two hunks taking shots at each other, their bickering back and forth like an old married couple is the perfect comic relief.

Should You See It: Well yea! Why not? It’s going to be funny and the onscreen chemistry between Shepard and Bell is sincere and so cute considering the two are also in an offscreen relationship! Since this flick comes out on August 22, it will be a great escape to take your mind off the end of a spectacular summer season or the fact that school is just around the corner.

Who to Take: With an “R” rating, and the continuous banter of prison butt-rape, this won’t be a movie for children. This is going to be a great film to see with your friends or out on a date.

The majority of us don’t find out something as dramatic as a criminal past about our partners when we move in together. Instead, it’s typically things like the gross sound they make while brushing their teeth or the strange ritual they have before bedtime. During Hit and Run, Kristen Bell, whether she had a choice or not, stayed with her man regardless of his major flaw. Moving in with a partner is a HUGE step, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This will be a true test of your relationship, and you’ll discover if this is someone you could live with forever. Here are some red flags to watch out for when you move in with your loved one:

1. Overly Possessive: Your partner doesn’t want to share. Don’t touch that. What’s theirs is not yours. With an attitude like this, it’s going to be impossible for you to feel at home or even welcomed for that matter. If they have trouble sharing they may have some deeper trust issues going on, and if you’re comfortable enough to move in together this should be an issue that you can confront them with.

2. Disgustingly Sloppy: You probably didn’t realize you were taking a second job as a maid when you moved in. If they like to live a pigish lifestyle it’s not your job to clean up after them, instead whip them into shape! This is your home now too, and both of you should take enough pride in your living space to keep it livable. If your partner knows their slobby nature bothers you, they will make an effort to keep you happy if they love you.

3. Disregards You: Now that you live together communication is definitely going to be key for a healthy relationship. If there’s something, anything about your living situation or how the move has affected you as a couple that you feel needs discussing, then you deserve to have that talk. If your partner continuously puts it off or says they don’t want to talk about it, perhaps your relationship (or your partner) isn’t mature enough to handle this adult circumstance.

Have you experienced any red flags after moving in? Share your comments below!