Cupid's Pulse Article: Pumped Up Kicks: Decoding His First Date ShoesCupid's Pulse Article: Pumped Up Kicks: Decoding His First Date Shoes

By Rachel Seliger, Community Manager

As community manager of, the premier online community for Jewish singles, I know about the importance of first impressions, especially on a first date. That perfect first date outfit can either set you up for a second, or spell utter failure before the “nice to meet you” handshake. When it comes to decoding his first date look, pay special attention to the pumped up kicks. It’s common knowledge that we women love our shoes, but what men don’t know is that their shoe selection can also be a form of non-verbal communication, sending messages about their personality to a potential partner. Men and shoes happen to be two of my favorite things, so I’m here to help you figure out if your potential man is worth a second date, or if you should head for the hills:

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1. Sandals: If your date wears sandals, you can never bring him home to Mom. If a guy doesn’t put in the effort on the very first date, he never will. The one exception to this rule: beach activities. Any guy who doesn’t wear sandals to the beach is hiding something unsavory.

2. Running shoes: Running shoes show that a man isn’t big on commitment. It’s a huge red flag if a man goes on a first date looking like he’s ready to bolt.

3. Sneakers: Casual wear like this shows that a guy is subtly sexy. There’s something about a nice pair of sneakers–the understated “cool factor” has a way of sparking a girl’s curiosity. As long as he doesn’t step out in his limited edition lime green and pink Kanye sneaks, that is.

4. Loafers: Loafers reveal a spontaneous personality. In addition to being casual-yet-classy, loafers can be dressed up for a nice dinner or dressed down for a more casual date at a bar.

5. Dress shoes: Give him an A for effort. If women are expected to endure the pain of five-inch heels all night, it’s only fair that men be dressed to impress as well.

6. Boat Shoes: Anyone who chooses boat shoes is likely to be out-of-touch with reality. Who wears boat shoes unless they’re a New England governor trying to “connect with people” at an ice cream parlor? No one, except for actual boat captains.

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7. Crocs/Clogs: These shows are great for happy-go-lucky people. Truth be told, these shoes are a turn-off, but they’re so obviously a turn-off that if a guy shows up wearing them anyway, he clearly doesn’t care what others think about him.

8. Boots: One word describes boots: Masculine. Only a man’s man can pull off a nice, rugged pair of boots. Let’s face it, what girl hasn’t fantasized about being swept off her feet by a manly hunk?

And remember ladies, if a first date doesn’t work out, don’t get disappointed–go shopping! There are plenty of other styles out there to try, and with a little patience you’ll find one that will fit you perfectly.

Rachel Seliger is a dating guru and Community Manager of, the premier online community for Jewish singles. When she’s not shopping for her next pair of great heels, she is busy blogging on the JDating® Tumblr, JDate’s exclusive microblog featuring great first date outfit ideas, tips to make your JDate profile shine and more.