Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Still TalkingCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Still Talking

Even though all of the hype over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce has made it seem messy, the two have remained civil for Suri’s sake. A source told People that the two have worked out a “civil routine” and “are talking.” Regardless of the ex couple’s differences, they still have to do what’s best for their six-year old. Suri has spent most of the summer in New York City with Holmes, and has taken various trips with Cruise. Now with the  approaching the school year, Holmes has decided to enroll Suri in a private school nearby, and Cruise was okay with her decision.

How do you remain civil with your ex when kids are involved?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes things just don’t work out with your partner, and a divorce is inevitable. But, it’s not so easy to just move past it when children are involved. Here are some ideas on how to stay civil with your ex when you have children together:

1. Set up a schedule: You should both agree on a schedule, so there aren’t any arguments or misunderstandings. Specific times will make it easier to share equal time with your kids.

2. Don’t get the kids involved with your breakup: You and your ex have to spend time with your kids, but don’t get them involved in your breakup. Your kids shouldn’t feel like they have to choose sides or keep secrets for anyone, so just leave them out of it.

3. Keep conversation strictly about your children: If you know you are always arguing with your ex partner and just can’t get along, keep conversation simply about your children. This is when you both push your other issues aside and make more important decisions about your kids.

How do you keep a civil relationship with your ex when you have children? Share your thoughts below.