Cupid's Pulse Article: Speidi Divorce FinalizedCupid's Pulse Article: Speidi Divorce Finalized

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are officially calling it quits, TMZ reported last week.  The reality TV couple, who, according to Montag,  first separated on their one-year anniversary, are set to finalize their divorce on Valentine’s Day.  The long wait is due to California law, which dictates that a couple must wait six months after filing divorce papers before the marriage is finally terminated.  Spencer Pratt was served divorce papers on August 13, ironically causing the six-month mark to fall on Valentine’s Day.

How can you handle holidays and anniversaries after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Get out there: Staying home on a holiday you once shared with a loved one is only going to arouse feelings of depression.  Leave the house, call a friend, and try to have fun.  Keeping your mind off of the breakup will make the holiday fly by.

2. Redefine: Many holidays will bring up memories of you and your former partner.  Thanksgiving may conjure up memories of your ex’s hilarious attempt at cooking, and the mere mention of Valentine’s Day may make you cringe.  The best way to deal?  Make new memories.  On Valentine’s Day, try inviting over some of your single friends and celebrate the day of Arizona’s statehood, which also falls on February 14.  This quirky approach is sure to spark a few laughs, and in the future, remembering Valentine’s Day won’t be as painful.

3. Remind yourself: On days when you just can’t stop missing your ex, try reminding yourself of the reasons why you broke up.  You may tend to only remember the best things about your former relationship, but remembering the bad things makes coping much easier.