Cupid's Pulse Article: Two New Ways Women In High Heels Can Stay Sexy and ComfortableCupid's Pulse Article: Two New Ways Women In High Heels Can Stay Sexy and Comfortable

This post is sponsored by Foot Petals.

By Sarah Ribeiro

After running around the office all day and standing for two hours to give a presentation to a new client, your new man calls and asks you to dinner. You embrace the chance to sit down, but after your meal, he suggests that you take a nice stroll around the block to get some fresh air. You don’t want to appear high-maintenance or out-of-shape for that matter, so while your feet cry in pain, you hold his hand and smile.  After all, you really like this guy. But, then the unthinkable happens!  You’re walking on the sidewalk and your shoe gets stuck in a crack, scuffing the heel of your expensive  leather shoes. You can’t take it anymore and you begin to cry, your date now thinks you have some very big emotional issues.  If only you had known about Foot Petals!

Foot Petals, the brand known for their fabulous and fashionable shoe inserts and shoe cushions just launched two new revolutionary products to bring comfort to women in high heels.

The first new product, Stiletto Shieldz, solves the annoying problem of when your stiletto heels get scuffed or scratched. Stiletto Shieldz is a clear plastic shield that adheres to your heels (works on leather, synthetics, wood, etc.) and will protect them from scuffs while appearing invisible to the eye.  The Stiletto Shieldz for high heels retails for $6.95 and is sold at and department stores, including Nordstrom.

The second new Foot Petals product, Pressure Pointz, adds comfort to trouble spots. Pressure Pointz are small shoe cushions that women in high heels can stick in a specific spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin to avoid blisters and uncomfortable rubbing.  Many women in high heels currently use band-aids or tape to try to solve this problem, but Pressure Pointz is a more permanent and practical solution that also provides more comfort than at home solutions. Pressure Pointz for stiletto heels retail for $6.95 and are available at and in department stores, including Nordstrom.