Cupid's Pulse Article: Pamela Anderson Swears Off Men During ‘Dancing With The Stars’Cupid's Pulse Article: Pamela Anderson Swears Off Men During ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Joining Season 15 of Dancing With The Stars, Pamela Anderson will be doing things a little differently than when she competed in 2010. According to People, Anderson claims, “I’ve sworn off men until November,” sacrificing dating to leave room only for her pro dance partner. After being eliminated after the seventh week last time around, she’s ready to make her second attempt and will not be letting anything or anyone get in her way. Anderson is even getting her kids Brandon Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee  involved by helping her reach out to fans through social media. The season premieres on September 24, where we can all see if Anderson’s strategies have brought her all the way to the top.

What are some ways to keep dating from being a distraction?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Sometimes it’s hard to be truly dedicated to something when you’re in a relationship. That shouldn’t stop you from doing either: it’s all about balancing your time. Here are some ways to keep dating from being a distraction in your life:

1. Don’t change your daily routine: If you have been keeping a normal routine and are working towards a certain goal, be sure not to mess that up. Make your routine something you can’t change or stop doing, and let your beau work around your schedule.

2. Make sure your partner is equally motivated: If you’re dating someone who lies around all day doing nothing, it’s easy to be distracted. You should date someone who is equally busy so you can both be on the same schedule.

3. Make sure they support you: As long as you date someone who is committed to supporting what you are doing, and pushes you to continue doing it, then there’s no harm in that. You want someone who understands that you’re dedicated and praises you for that.

What are some ways you keep from being distracted by someone you are dating? Share your comments below.