Cupid's Pulse Article: Falling In Love: When to Say the L-Word for the First TimeCupid's Pulse Article: Falling In Love: When to Say the L-Word for the First Time

By Sarah Ribeiro

You and your significant other have been together for quite some time now. You’ve experienced great dates, bad dates, and more romantic adventures than most couples you know. You’ve met the parents, made plans for the future, and have even discussed living together. There’s just one thing you haven’t done, and it’s a rather large elephant in the room: said “I love you.” Both you and your partner have likely contemplated saying it, and it might have almost slipped out more than once, but you’re unsure whether you’re ready to say it. If you need some help on knowing when it’s time, here are some ways to know you’re ready to say the L-word for the first time:

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1. You’ve made the commitment: If you and your partner are attached at the hip 24/7 (yes, that includes overnight), are making plans for “what’s next” and both envision a future together, it’s safe to say “I love you.” After all, you must love each other to make these commitments, and to be with each other through good and bad.

2. You trust each other: When it comes to love, trust is a make it or break it kind of thing. Telling your beau you love them conveys that you trust them not only with your heart, but with the most important parts of your life. The L-word is a promise to be there for each other in the toughest of times and to care for each other — even when it’s hard. A promise like that can’t be made without trust.

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3. You’re able to communicate: Communication is key in any good relationship, but you can’t be completely open with your partner if you don’t have the traits mentioned above. Communicating with your love is all about commitment and trust. If you’re able to commit to and trust your sweetheart, you can be open with each other and explore each other’s feelings, needs, and desires. Understanding and appreciating what your honey has to say, and being able to say what you want without fear of them running out is a sure sign that you can say “I love you” to them and mean it.

When do you know to say the L-word for the first time? Share your comments below.