Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Miss Advised’ Star Emily Morse Says, “I’m Not Choosing Monogamy; I’m Choosing to Date”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Miss Advised’ Star Emily Morse Says, “I’m Not Choosing Monogamy; I’m Choosing to Date”

By Jessica Nappi

Radio show host, author and reality star — what can’t Emily Morse do? If you haven’t seen Emily navigate her dating life on the new hit show ‘Miss Advised,’ produced by Disney darling Ashley Tisdale, read her book, ‘Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!,’ or listened to her radio show, ‘Sex with Emily,’ no doubt you soon will because this young lady is just getting warmed up.  She’s even been dubbed the real-life Carrie Bradshaw, although she openly admits that she has never watched an episode of ‘Sex and The City.”

After seven years of hosting her radio show, Morse was approached to be a part of ‘Miss Advised,’ which follows three single dating experts (Amy Laurent, Julia Allison and Emily Morse) who must put their own advice to the test. While the other stars may have learned that it’s hard to practice what they preach, Morse stuck to her guns. She says, “I definitely take my own relationship advice to heart. But, I’ve made mistakes in my relationships – I’m not perfect.”

Morse has stayed true to herself by finally acknowledging that she’s “not choosing monogamy right now; [she’s] choosing to date.” But she didn’t just come to this revelation overnight. “I’ve evolved into this person by saying it publicly and being on national television. I think it made me realize that it’s okay to be me. It’s okay to live my life differently than other people live their lives.”

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After receiving hundreds of emails in support of her dating philosophy and unrushed desire to settle down, Morse noted that she felt so much more “validated and accepted.” But being open and vulnerable hasn’t always been easy for her. “The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to “be honest with yourself; stay true to yourself; and be self-aware,” she says. “The more honest you are with yourself, the more you’ll know what you like, and the easier dating will become.”

Since monogamy is crossed off her list, Morse is free to date and have fun with no constraint. “I’ve never been a woman who plays by the stereotypical dating rules,” she says. Since there are so many dating advice books, she says you just have to “pick and choose what feels good to you because blanket rules for everyone just doesn’t make any sense.”

She may not be a fan of rules, but she is certainly a fan of helping others spice up their relationships. Emily notes that her favorite section of her book deals with partner massages. “By massaging your partner, you will feel reconnected again. I think it’s a really nice, sweet thing you can do to become attached to your partner again.”

As you may know by now, Morse doesn’t hold anything back. That’s why we get to see her dating life firsthand on ‘Miss Advised.” Here is where we get to observe from afar as Emily goes on all types of dates. We even watch when she dates her newly-divorced fifth grade crush, David Rubin, and they drive to Napa Valley for a romantic night. Of the finale, which will be airing tonight, Morse promises that their relationship “takes an interesting turn. It’s surprising, and it’s a really fun episode, “ she says.

So what’s next for Morse? She aspires to be the Dr. Ruth of our generation — and she’s already well on her way. As she continues to grow her career, she will be getting her doctorate in human sexuality and coming out with a third iPhone App. She will also be hosting her radio show and keeping her fingers crossed for a second season of ‘Miss Advised.’

Be sure to catch Emily Morse tonight on the SEASON FINALE of ‘Miss Advised’ at 10/9c on Bravo. You can also check out her personal site at and follow her on Twitter @SexWithEmily.