Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Snag that First Date When You’re Worried About Your LooksCupid's Pulse Article: How to Snag that First Date When You’re Worried About Your Looks

By Leyu Goh

Florida can be harsh. I should know, I live here. In this state, it sometimes feels like a bikini body like Kim Kardashian’s matters more than if you can point out Japan on a world map.  You definitely have to have the goods, or else you risk being cast as “that weird girl who sits in the back” for all eternity. Of course, no matter where you live, it can sometimes feel like if you fail to live up to society’s image of attractiveness, it’ll be a while before you get that first date. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I may not be the most attractive girl, but I’ve still got game in the dating scene, and there’s no reason why you can’t as well. Instead of resigning yourself to dying alone or bending over backwards for people you hate, consider these tips to get you started:

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1. Select your target audience: As businesslike as this sounds, knowing your audience is important in relationships as well. Don’t become a creep who throws themselves at everyone they meet. Figure out the specifics of what you want, and work towards that.

2. Iconize: Don’t walk into a café or a bar being as nondescript as possible. People are visual beings, so play on this weakness by putting on an eye-catching article that reflects your personality, too. Don’t overdo it: you don’t want to seem like you’re desperate for attention. Instead, find something small like feathers in your hair or unusual glasses, and you’ll see that conversations start themselves.

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3. Situational awareness: Once a conversation has started, immediately start trying to find your potential partner’s opinion on the situation. If you can tell what their reactions are, you can carefully steer the conversation in a direction that’s pleasing to both of you.

4. Make that lasting impression: Don’t be so caught up in the moment of meeting someone new that you get overly enthusiastic and start sharing details about your daily defecation schedules and your laundry routines. Be that enigma that is just waiting to be explored, and you’ll ensure that your potential beau will come back for more.

Leyu was born in Singapore, but grew up in Australia. She moved back to Singapore in her youth but recently moved to Florida where she currently resides. She has seen the dating scenes and habits from many different countries and continues to be amused by the cultural differences in love. She is currently putting together an anthology of poems and flash fiction on the different types of love.