Cupid's Pulse Article: Mike Eli Welcomes a Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Mike Eli Welcomes a Baby Girl

Mike Eli, the front man of the Eli Young Band, couldn’t be more ecstatic about the new addition to his family. His wife Kasey Diaz gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, Kline Olivia Diaz, this past Monday. Eli express his joy to People, stating, “They tell you about this feeling that is beyond comparison…and the moment Kacey and I laid our eyes on little Kline we understood it’s absolutely the coolest thing ever!” Eli only gets a short time with the newborn though, as his band rejoins the Rascal Flatts tour next week.

How do you prepare to have a daughter?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby can be scary, but if you know your future child’s gender, you can at least get started with planning. If you discover you’re going to be having a baby girl, here are some ways to begin preparing:

1. Go shopping: There’s no better way to prepare to have a girl than to go shopping for her. Hit up some stores near you and pick out some cute outfits with your friends or your significant other. If you’re due in the summer, purchase some bathing suits. If you’re preparing for a winter arrival, stock up on some adorable hats and mittens.

2. Prepare the nursery: Take some to decide with your partner if you want to paint your nursery in a more feminine tone, or keep it gender-neutral. Once you paint the room you can pick out some furniture and begin decorating.

3. Inform the bridal shower guests: If the people close to you are aware that you’ll be having a baby girl, they can be more specific when picking out a gift for the baby shower. Let them know what color you plan on painting the nursery so they can plan accordingly.

How did you prepare for a baby girl? Share your advice below!