Cupid's Pulse Article: Six Celebrity Couples We Wish ExistedCupid's Pulse Article: Six Celebrity Couples We Wish Existed

By Elle Rose Williams

When surrounded by a celebrity culture and constantly looking at the world’s most beautiful or talented elite, it’s hard not to start wishing that two of your favourite celebrities were dating. No matter how perfect some couples seem, deep in our hearts we always know they could do better. Whether we think they’d make a great match or just want to see the children, here are five celebrity couples we wish existed:

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1. Lady Gaga and Tim Burton: The quirky duo that is Lady Gaga and Tim Burton could be the ultimate power couple, with Gaga ruling the world of music and Burton ruling the world of film. Their united interest in the bizarre and huge cult followings could be great starting points. With your own relationship, it can be a great idea to make sure you have common ground in this same way.

2. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams: Although Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams used to be a couple, they’re now separated. However, any girl who grew up with the ultimate romantic epic The Notebook would think these two should be reunited one day. It can be the same in our own relationships too: when we have such a long history with someone, it’s easy to picture ourselves with them.

3. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer: Friends might have ended eight years ago, but after ten years of portraying the ups and downs of Ross and Rachel, it’s hard to see Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer as anything else. Considering Aniston’s consistent bad luck in relationships, it’d be amazing for her and Schwimmer to get together and to finally see her settled and happy. With our own relationships, we like to see ourselves with someone who’ll look after us and someone who will be with us through the rough times and the good times too, which Ross and Rachel always personified.

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4. Madonna and Richard Branson: Another important part of being a couple is balancing your attributes. This would make Madonna and Richard Branson a fantastic power couple. Plus, it would be great to see Madonna settled down with a man her own age. There’s a lot that Madonna could learn from Branson, and even Branson could benefit from Madonna’s publicity stunts. They’d be a good balancing act for each other, and this is always a good way to seek out a potential partner.

5. Charlie Chaplin and Gwen Stefani: How amazing would it be if Charlie Chaplin and Gwen Stefani were a couple? Sure, the two are actually decades apart , but their quirkiness and originality would make these two a brilliant celeb couple. We have a feeling their sense of humor would gel too. In your own relationship, humor is hugely important. As long as you can laugh together, the bad things will never seem as bad.

6. Audrey Hepburn and Colin Farrell: Audrey Hepburn and Colin Farrell are another couple that would be impossible, but still would be brilliant. We’d love to see the dynamic, cheeky Irishman be tamed by the ultimate lady of class and elegance. They’d be so different that they could actually be the perfect match. This can apply to real couples too, so look for someone who wants you to be the very best version of yourself.

Elle works for CS Bedford, an engagement jeweller in London.