Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelsey Grammer’s Ex Could Get M in the Divorce!Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelsey Grammer’s Ex Could Get M in the Divorce!

Camille Donatacci, Kelsey Grammer’s ex, might be walking away with almost half of the actor’s fortune after she filed for divorce last month.  She cited “irreconcilable differences.”  Soon after Grammer filed for to request that Donatacci be excluded from profits made from his note-worthy show, Frasier.  But, according to a source from New York Post, “Camille stands to get half of all syndication of ‘Frasier’ made during the years they were married.  That’s seven years of episodes, as well as income from other shows the company made, including ‘Medium’ and ‘Girlfriends.'”  This is because she owns half of his TV company, Grammnet Productions.  This leaves her eligible to lay claims to almost half of his $80 million estate – a staggering $30 million!

How do you deal with the financial setbacks after a divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce can leave both parties strained.  And, in an already economically difficult world, a divorce can make finances even more difficult:

1. Budget: Keep track of your income and expenses.  You need to understand where most of your money is coming from and going to in order to make changes to your lifestyle; spending less is the key.

2. Wake-up call: Learn to adapt to a new standard of living.  If you used to buy designer shoes and a Starbucks coffee every morning then it’s time to cut some things out of your life.  Examine your spending habits and figure out what things you can’t afford anymore.

3. Help is available: Divorce doesn’t mean destitute.  If you end up with some financial burdens because of a divorce, it’s okay to ask for help.  There are governmental and community programs that are designed to help newly divorced people find a balance.