Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Warm Up With Winter CocktailsCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Warm Up With Winter Cocktails

By Deanna Atkins

You and your special someone can enjoy what’s left of this chilly winter with warm cocktails that are perfect for this time of year. Indulging in a hot spiked apple cider or learning how to make a hot toddy will set you up for an intimate night that’s different from just cracking open a couple of beers or sipping on a glass of wine.

If it’s a night for two, you and your honey can relax by the fireplace with drinks that will make you feel warm inside — and maybe even a little lovey too. Look up recipes to make so you each can try your best at perfecting your own beverages.

Have a soft spot for hot chocolate? Add tequila or peppermint schnapps to this classic drink – and don’t forget the whipped cream. Another twist to attempt is adding Kahlú to the concoction. If you have a bottle of red wine that has overstayed its welcome in your home, uncork it and add spices, citrus, sugar and brandy to achieve a delicious mulled wine. Light some candles, put on soft music and enjoy tasting each other’s signature drinks.

For more fun, host a (warm) cocktail party at your place. Invite close friends over to celebrate winter’s end. Have each guest bring over a bottle, a mixer and a garnish, but make sure they know to stay in the theme. Some easy suggestions include eggnog, rum, Tuaca, bourbon, cinnamon sticks, dried cherries, vanilla and miscellaneous spices. Then, taste everyone’s homemade cocktail and judge who made the ultimate drink at the end of the night.

This weekend’s date idea can also be done at a bar with your friends and a professional mixologist. Be sure to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Testing out a variety of unique flavors and spoiling your senses with a delicious drink will spice up your night and refuel your connection with your man.

What is your favorite winter cocktail? Share below.