Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes Kisses Unidentified Man After ‘Great’ DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes Kisses Unidentified Man After ‘Great’ Dinner

After divorcing Tom Cruise a month ago, Katie Holmes seems to finally be back in the dating game. On July 27, Holmes was spotted dining with an unknown man in New York City. Before she left, she kissed the man on the cheek. reported that Holmes told a reporter from TMZ that she had a “great night.” In addition to this date, Holmes has also been working on a new life with her daughter Suri, including a new apartment in Chelsea. It’s clear that Holmes isn’t letting divorce slow her down.

How do you know when to jump back into the dating scene after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breakups can be difficult for everyone, but they shouldn’t keep you from looking for happiness. Although it helps to wait before dating again, eventually you’ll be ready to give it another try. Here are some ways you’ll know you’re ready:

1. You aren’t always thinking about your ex: After a breakup, especially if you were dumped, it’s likely that everything reminds you of your ex. When you’re finally able to distance your thoughts from their memory, you’re ready to find someone new.

2. You’ve found someone interesting: There’s no need to rush into a rebound relationship after a breakup. Don’t go for the first person you meet after your split. Instead, try to find someone genuinely interesting in order to ensure your new relationship lasts.

3. You’re feeling confident again: Breakups can severely damage your self-esteem at first. Try to build up your confidence and comfort again by hanging out with friends and doing things you’ve always wanted to do. Once you feel good about yourself again, people will take notice.

How did you know when it was time to start dating again after a breakup? Tell us below.