Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Redeem Yourself If You Get Drunk On a First DateCupid's Pulse Article: How to Redeem Yourself If You Get Drunk On a First Date

By Jessica Smith

Liquid courage: It can be the extra confidence boost you need to thin the air (and your blood) on a first date, but a little too much courage can be a bad thing. It’s not always our fault, though. Sometimes the devil’s drink can creep up on us and take us by surprise. Once you’re drunk there’s no going back, so your only hope is to handle the situation to the best of your abilities.

With your heightened confidence and weakened morals you’re going to experience some urges, but you need to keep them in check if you have any hope of becoming more than a booty call or just a fling. Even worse than being easy is getting on your date’s nerves and embarrassing them because you can’t handle your liquor. In their mind, you’re going to appear immature, and after they drop you off — if they don’t leave you stranded — you’re never going to see them again. So, how can you redeem yourself if you get drunk on a first date? Cupid has some tips that will help you maintain your dignity, and hopefully score you a second date:

1. Keep it classy: Alcohol tends to make us do things we wouldn’t dream of doing sober. Therefore, if you have the unexpected impulse to dance on the table or perform a strip tease, mentally slap yourself in the face to bring yourself back to reality. In absolutely no circumstance are you to stay the night with one another on a first date, so to make it easier for you to decide, don’t even make it an option.

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2. Apologize: Drunks can be a total pain in the butt, especially when you’re sober. The last thing your date expected was having to deal with or take care of intoxicated company. Regardless of how much you may want to hang your head in shame and fall off the face of the earth, you should admit defeat and apologize sincerely.

3. Be the DD next time: What better way to follow up an apology than by offering your driving services so they can seek their revenge by giving you a taste of your own medicine! If they decline, the relationship is over, but if they accept you just might be in luck.

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