Cupid's Pulse Article: 9 Things His Handwriting Can Tell You About HimCupid's Pulse Article: 9 Things His Handwriting Can Tell You About Him

By Mary Edwards

You might not think it’s important when you’re looking for a new partner, but you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by studying what they’ve written. Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, is a field of study that associates a person’s writing style with certain psychological profiles. Though it’s not an exact science, it can be a fun way to try to learn a little more about someone you’ve been dating, especially if you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to start a relationship with them. Here are nine quick things to look for when trying to learn about someone from their handwriting:

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1. Size matters: Large, robustly written letters suggest a similarly big, outgoing personality. Smaller letters, on the other hand, indicate shyness. An average size implies a more balanced personality. If you’re looking for an exciting new relationship, look for bigger letters.

2. Open or closed: The loops in someone’s writing, as in the cursive letter ‘L’, indicate tension when closed. They show a spontaneous attitude when they’re fully opened. Spontaneous people might be more open to unusual date ideas, so consider giving these a try if your partner writes this way.

3. Slanted view: If your subject’s writing slants to the left, this could mean they’re more of a loner or a rebel. Conversely, a right-slanting writing style says they are friendly and more sociable, which probably makes them very eager to fall in love. No slant tells you that they tend to be driven more by logic than by feelings.

4. Pressure: The pressure applied to paper when writing is another important indicator. Light pressure translates to a highly sensitive, empathic individual. However, heavy pressure means seriousness, which translates nicely into a willingness to commit to a relationship.

5. Above the line: Upper zone letters, like l, t and h that are very tall show aspiration and imagination. Wide loops may imply that your beau is a dreamer.

6. Below the line: Lower zone letters, like g, y and p, can tell you a lot as well. A tight loop could be a sign of impatience, while varied loops and pressure might be harbingers of an unsettled personality. If you’re looking for a steady relationship, look for steady loops.

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7. Spacing: When letters are spaced widely, you’re most likely dealing with someone who needs their space in relationships as well. Similarly, tighter-spaced letters suggests more openness towards intimacy.

8. Left Margins: The spacing between the edges of the page and the text is just as revealing as the handwriting style. A wide left margin says “I’m open” to getting together, while a narrow one tells you to back off.

9. Right Margins: If the handwriting stops well before the end of the page line, your date is still apprehensive. A narrow right margin implies an impatience to get started as a couple.

You can learn a lot about a person’s personality by evaluating their writing style. If your date’s personality is in question, take a look at the way that they write. You might learn quite a bit more about them, or at the very least, verify traits you already suspected.

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