Cupid's Pulse Article: Miss Independent: The Joys of the Single LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Miss Independent: The Joys of the Single Life

By Audrey Melnik

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been the center of a media circus since they announced their divorce. A number of rumors have surfaced about why their marriage ended, but no matter what the true causes were, it’s clear that Holmes is doing what she thinks is best for her daughter, even if that means ending her marriage. Going through a divorce isn’t easy and it always takes time to recover, but it should never be avoided when you think a split is important for you and your family. Thankfully, being single allows you to focus on what makes you a better person. Here are some great ways Holmes, and other singles, can enjoy their independence:

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1. Work on your career: Now that you’re single, you won’t have any commitments other than your own. This will let you give your job the time and attention it deserves. Work hard, focus and you’ll be able to rise to the top.

2. Take time for yourself: Singles can make their own rules, so be spontaneous. You don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. Enjoy this time, it won’t last forever. Find a hobby, read a book or do something you’ve never done before.

3. Travel: When you were in a relationship, you always had to coordinate schedules before you could travel. When you’re on your own, you can just pack your bags and go.

4.  Have a girl’s night: Whether your girlfriends are single or not, plan a night every now and then to go out with just them. Have fun, go dancing and let loose. You’ll see that even though you might not have a partner, there are still plenty of people who care about you.

5. Be a flirt: There’s no better way to build confidence than to flirt. When you see someone staring at you from across the bar, go talk to them. Even if you don’t wind up dating, it’ll be good to give yourself a chance.

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7. Buy yourself something nice: Without a partner, your money belongs to no one but you, and you know you worked hard for it. Find something luxurious that you love and splurge on it!

8. Be an awesome parent (if you have kids): For you single parents, devote more time to your kids. They’ll make you happier than any partner could. Plan a fun day with them and do something you all love.

Sure, being in love is wonderful, but so is being strong and independent. You can pave your own way, make your own decisions with your own money and you don’t need a man to do it.

Audrey Melnik is founder and developer of WotWentWrong, the breakup app for couples who never really broke up. It offers closure and answers for relationships past — and a blueprint for future dating success — directly from one’s former partners. Audrey is passionate about the intersection of internet technology and business and has successfully developed and enhanced the online businesses for both corporate and government clients in the U.S. and Australia. She credits NYC with her inspiration for WotWentWrong, realizing the web could coax former dating partners into spilling their secrets in a way people could not. Melnik received a Bachelor of Business Systems on scholarship from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. WotWentWrong is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia but Audrey recently moved to San Francisco.