Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Star Marika Tsircou Says, “My Baby is My Life”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Beverly Hills Nannies’ Star Marika Tsircou Says, “My Baby is My Life”

By Deanna Atkins

ABC Family’s new reality series, ‘Beverly Hills Nannies,’ premiered on Wednesday, July 11th, and although the nannies may run the show, stay-at-home mom Marika Tsircou brings tons of humor and personality to the table. In the pilot, Marika’s nanny, Justin, is blown away by Marika’s 10-month-old, Xander’s, lavish wardrobe – he’s asked to iron the baby’s Burberry. The 90210 mommy lives fabulously but always puts her son and husband first.

Marika and husband Kyri were married for seven years before bringing their baby into the world. The couple enjoyed a luxurious marriage filled with exclusive events and dinners, travel and friends, which they put the brakes on entirely to be with their little one at every possible moment. The new mom shares, “All that matters is this little baby; newborns need their mommy all of the time, so you have to make sacrifices.”

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Being an attorney, Kyri endures long work days, but Marika tells us that both her and her husband take shifts with Xander during the week and enjoy trips to the park, zoo and Grandma’s house on the weekends. Before Kyri starts his work day, he spends time with Xander: they eat breakfast together and play, while Marika jumps at the opportunity of an extra hour of sleep. The two certainly make a good team, which Marika believes is due to their relationship’s strong foundation.

“Before having a baby, we actually took the time to be a couple. We’d already gone through everything together, so we knew that we were in it for the long haul,” Marika says. She believes that in order to be the best parents you can be, your relationship needs to be at its strongest. She and Kyri weren’t used to dirty dishes piling up or the change in their sex drive, but they knew it wouldn’t last and, in time, their relationship returned to normal. Most couples have a hard time realizing that because they’re not used to things being different or difficult.

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“We are both very different people, and I think that is what makes us work so well together,” reveals the reality star. On the show, Justin claims that Kyri is a lot more laid back than Marika, and she doesn’t hesitate to agree. “He’s calm, cool and collected, while I’m more artistic and always eager to be the center of attention – which is why we complement each other so well.” The love birds accept and embrace each other’s similarities and differences, which truly keeps their union thriving. Because of the success of her own marriage, Marika recommends that people don’t look for a mate who’s exactly like them.

As a stay-at-home parent, Marika doesn’t necessarily need a nanny, but the extra help doesn’t hurt. She prefers to be the one to put Xander down for all of his naps, but when she takes some time for herself to paint, it’s nice to have someone she can count on to watch her pride and joy for that small portion of the day.

The nannies on the show include the most sought-after sitters in the world, but when choosing the perfect nanny, the Beverly Hills mom shares some universal advice. She explains, “You really need to find someone who is loving, compassionate, educated and well-certified.” She also stresses how important it is to trust the person that cares for your child. “I need to know that they’re somebody like me, that they’re going to love this baby like there’s no tomorrow.”

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All new mothers can relate to the uneasiness of leaving their child in another person’s hands, and that’s why, since Xander was born, Marika has only missed putting him to bed at night twice. Everyone takes a different approach to parenting, but these reality show parents appear to be naturals – and we think their happy baby would agree.

You can keep up with the twosome and their Gucci-wearing little guy on ABC Family’s new hit show ‘Beverly Hills Nannies,’ airing on Wednesdays at 9/8 PM CT.