Cupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Shares the Excitement of Victoria Beckham’s Daughter’s First StepsCupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Shares the Excitement of Victoria Beckham’s Daughter’s First Steps

Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper took her first steps in public recently, and tweeted a picture of the milestone. However, Beckham’s long-time friend Eva Longoria didn’t have to take to Twitter to see her 1-year-old goddaughter walking. Instead, she got a personal email about it. “I saw the Tweet, but Victoria had emailed me a picture earlier,” Longoria told People. Longoria was in L.A. when Harper walked hand-in-hand with her mom in Dublin. Being the supportive friend that she is, Longoria also attended Harper’s first birthday with Victoria and David Beckham in L.A.

What are some ways you can show your support for a friend’s child?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s easy to be supportive for your friend, but being supportive to your friend’s child can be a little more complicated. Here are some ways to show that support with ease:

1. Give random gifts: Don’t just give gifts on the more significant events in their life like birthdays. Children grow quickly, so buy your friend’s kids new outfits occasionally. Surprising them with little treats will make sure they’re always happy to see you.

2. Celebrate the big moments: Like Eva Longoria, celebrate the milestones in your friends’ children’s lives. Go to their cartoon-themed birthday bashes and share in the excitement when the tooth fairy comes for the first time. Even if you can’t make every celebration, send a friendly email or gift.

3. Volunteer to babysit: There’s nothing more supportive than babysitting for your friend who desperately needs a date night away from the kids. This will not only help your friend out, but it will allow you to grow closer to your friend’s children.

How would you show support for a friend’s child? Tell us below.