Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hope Springs’ Is This Summer’s Guide to a Healthy RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hope Springs’ Is This Summer’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship

By: Jessica Smith

Love is a funny thing. Talking about intimacy can be even funnier. Hope Springs is a movie with the perfect mix that will keep you laughing, but will also make you think. Everyone’s relationship is different, but so many of the issues are the same. An older couple, Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are devoted to each other, but they’re missing the spice that they had in their relationship when they were younger. To learn a few tricks to revamp the magic in the bedroom, Kay somehow convinces her stubborn and reluctant husband to hop on a plane to Great Hope Springs where they receive marriage counseling from a renowned couples specialist played by funny man Steve Carell. On their retreat, Kay and Arnold learn not only how to spark the flame in their physical relationship, but in their lives as a whole.

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Should You See It: I wouldn’t miss it! Between Streep and Jones, the two A-list actors have four Oscars and 40 years of experience that guarantee this movie will be great. The film debuts August 10th, and it could be just the film you need to spark your own adventure to a better love life.

Who To Take: Ladies take your men, men take your ladies, girls go with your girlfriends, but guys go see Batman with your boys instead. The movie is going to be a must-see for anyone in a relationship, but keep the kids at home since the flick is rated PG-13. This is going to be a film that parents and grandparents can appreciate!

In an interview with AARP The Magazine, Meerly Streep said that “…Built into it [the movie] was something really funny but lodged in something very real.” Her statement is very true. Whether you’ve only been together for a few years or a couple of decades, it’s common for couples to fall into a boring routine and bury the energy that once kept their relationship so alive.  Well, if you and your partner have lost some of that oh-so-necessary fizzle in your love life don’t give up because Cupid has some tips to help you out:

1. Confront the issue: If you have a problem, you should be the first to acknowledge it. Don’t wait around for your partner to notice because you just might wait forever. Whether your partner notices the problem or not, they may choose to ignore it because they don’t want to deal with it, so make them!

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2. Reminisce: There was a time when you and your partner couldn’t keep your hands or thoughts away from each other. As a couple, go places that you used to go and do things you used to do. Rekindle the passion that used to be so easily passed between the two of you.

3. Experience new things: Often we get bored with each other because we’re bored with ourselves. Go on a vacation, pick up a new hobby, do something kinky, do something exhilarating that is going to spark a light within yourself, and in turn it will bring you closer as a couple and restore some of that excitement.