Cupid's Pulse Article: Sarah Michelle Gellar Pregnant With A Baby BoyCupid's Pulse Article: Sarah Michelle Gellar Pregnant With A Baby Boy

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a knack for staying out of Hollywood’s spotlight, but it’s been confirmed that the former vampire slayer is going to have a baby boy, according to The couple’s marriage is going strong as their family continues to grow with their three-year-old daughter, Charlotte Grace, and first son on the way. Sources say, “She and Freddie are thrilled,” and compliment the pair in saying, “They’re amazing parents.” Although both Gellar and Prinze have strong backgrounds in entertainment, they have clearly both worked together to make family their biggest priority.

What are some ways to prepare your first child for a new baby?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Adding to the family is a big step. If you’re having your second child, be sure to be as delicate as possible with your firstborn to ensure the most fulfilling experience for everyone:

1. Keep your child involved: A child on the way is exciting news that’s bound to consume all of your phone calls and e-mails, and the amount of new things you’ll have to do can confuse a young child. Make sure that you and your partner clue your little one in on the new brother or sister that’s on the way.

2. Give them responsibilities: Being a big sibling is a big job. Your firstborn will be excited to take on this role, so tell your child that you’re going to need their help and cooperation when you bring the little one into the world. Most importantly, be sure to thank them for their help.

3. Don’t get too preoccupied: Getting ready for a new baby is a hectic time for any parent, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important–the child you already have. Make sure you and your spouse give your son or daughter extra love and appreciation during this brand-new experience.

What are some experiences you’ve had when growing your family? Tell us below.