Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke Is Dating NHL Star Joffrey LupulCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke Is Dating NHL Star Joffrey Lupul

We’re not sure when this hockey player-boyfriend trend originated, but we definitely like it! Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke scooped up NHL hottie Joffrey Lupul last month at the 2012 NHL awards when she was there to present an award, according to Us Weekly. The two immediately connected and wasted no time before going out, as they were seen getting close and kissing during a dinner date in Los Angeles. Dating athletes isn’t new to the dancing beauty, making her and the Toronto Maple Leafs player a perfect pair.

What are some hobbies you can do as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Keeping things interesting in a relationship is a lot easier if you have hobbies and interests that you each share. Consider these things to do together in order to strengthen your bond:

1.Exercising: Maybe you’re not into hitting the bench at the gym, but you can get in a work out while spending time with your partner by going on long walks at night, taking a jog together or even rollerblading. It’s an easy way to keep you both not only healthy, but happy.

2. Gardening: There’s more to gardening than just planting flowers. You and your beau can both enjoy the outdoors and get your hands a little dirty by adding new life to the environment around your house. You’ll have fun doing it and it’s something you both can continue to keep tabs on.

3. Taking a class: Discover new hobbies that you never knew you liked together. Whether it’s salsa lessons at an underground club or you each want to give hot yoga a try, the point is that you’re attempting new things and spending quality time together.

What are some hobbies you and your significant other do together? Tell us below.