Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Is Katie Holmes Planning to Change Suri’s Name?Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Is Katie Holmes Planning to Change Suri’s Name?

There couldn’t have been a divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes without some drama over their daughter Suri. Does Holmes hate Cruise so much that she plans to change their daughter’s name after the divorce? British magazine Now Daily printed a story in which a close friend of the family claimed Holmes planned to change Suri’s last name to “Holmes.” The source also mentioned that Holmes hates the name “Suri” and has been referring to her daughter as “Scout.” Although this information is unclear, it still has been making things harder for a couple still in the middle of a difficult divorce.

What are some ways to decide what to name your child?

Cupid’s Advice: Choosing your baby’s name is an incredibly important decision, and everyone has a different way of making a selection. Here are some creative ways on how to finally make a decision:

1. Baby names book: This is probably the least original and easiest way to choose your child’s name, but it almost always helps. If you go through a couple of pages of the book every day, you’ll eventually find yourself stumbling upon one that you love.

2. Name them after you or your partner: Let your new child carry on your name or your partner’s, or at least something similar. You’re sure to be proud that they have your name, making this a choice you aren’t likely to regret.

3. Name them after someone who you look up to: Choose the name of a figure who has inspired you, whether it’s a character in a book or a historical figure. Using this name will carry on a much deeper meaning to you and your child than one that just has a sound you like.

What are some ways you would decide to choose a name for your child? Share your comments below.