Cupid's Pulse Article: 3 Benefits of Meeting People OnlineCupid's Pulse Article: 3 Benefits of Meeting People Online

By Evelyn Harris

In the early days of online dating, the service was often seen as a subject of ridicule, the last resort for the otherwise-undesirable. Nearly a decade later, meeting people online has become an accepted practice, with advertisements on subway walls and primetime television that target a large variety of singles. The truth about online dating is that it’s an increasingly viable way to find and meet potential partners. If you still need convincing, here’s a rundown of the three best things about meeting people online:

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1. There are plenty of options: When you commit to an online dating site, you’ll have to make a profile. Sure, there might be occasional fibbing, but as a general rule of thumb the degree of truth in a profile matches the desire a person has to meet someone. These profiles can be searched by other members to help them find someone to meet. With hundreds of profiles to peruse on every dating site, the choices available to you are not only larger, but more diverse than what can be found during a typical night out or by being set up on a blind date.

2. No reservations, no pressure: We’ve all experienced first date jitters. It’s easy to be nervous when you’re focused on making a good impression for your date. Although it’s a natural component of the dating life, nervousness can be avoided with online dating. When you meet someone online, there’s less pressure to impress and no reason to hold back, because the conversation occurs through a computer in the comfort of your home.  Developing a repertoire and gradually sharing information once the connection has been made are built before your first in-person meeting. This way, you begin the date with an already-comfortable relationship first.

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3. Celebrities use it, too: Considering the fact that all their love interests and hookups are studied by the media, one would assume celebrities would never consider being an online dater, a position that can still be seen as being embarrassing. However, several celebrities have admitted to considering joining and using dating sites.  In 2006, Halle Berry admitted to visiting online dating sites and various chat rooms, while Gossip Girl heartthrob Chace Crawford claims that he has “a bunch of different [online dating] accounts that no one even knows about.” Weezer’s frontman Rivers Cuomo revealed that he once created a profile on an online dating site but was unable to find any matches. With even celebrities experimenting with the world of online dating, it’s clearly no longer something to be ashamed about.

For those still hesitant to explore online dating, hopefully the three benefits highlighted here will nudge you across that line of doubt towards your fist online profile and a happy relationship.

Evelyn Harris works at Find My Kiss in various roles including marketing and writing. She enjoys life to its fullest and particularly enjoys dancing, clubbing and meeting new people. Find My Kiss is an online dating site for singles from Houston to Los Angeles to New York City.