Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Step Up Revolution’ Makes You Want to MoveCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Step Up Revolution’ Makes You Want to Move

By Jessica Smith

Defying parents has always been a theme in the Step Up movies, but in Step Up Revolution, young adults put up the ultimate protest. Emily, who hopes to be a professional dancer, moves to Miami, where she encounters the dance mob that’s been taking over the city. Once she proves herself to Sean, the oh-s0-sexy leader of the mob, falls in love with him and joins their crew, she brings even more meaning to their dancing by suggesting they use it as a form of protest against the city-destroying plans of her father. As the awareness of their mission to save the city elevates, so does the relationship between Emily and Sean. It’s a perfect flick to give the audience a little taste of that Miami heat, and like all Step Up films, there’s a plethora of hot sculpted male bodies. Come join the revolution July 27!

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Should You See It: Why not? Even though the film lacks any big celebrity names, it will leave you twitching in your seat wishing you could dance like the Miami mob.

Who Should You Take: Anyone over the age of thirteen of course! This is an exciting summer movie that has the potential to entertain a wide range audience young and old, boys and girls alike!

What do you do when your parents don’t approve of your partner? Here are some ways to make your parents like your loved one as much as you do:

Oh the joy of dating: introducing your date to your parents. Whether it’s the terror you feel as a father shakes your partner’s hand and stares deep into their soul, or the frustration at the mother who’s convinced that she’s the only one who can really take care of her child, parent introductions are always nerve-wracking. However, you shouldn’t lose hope! Even if the introductions don’t go as planned and your partner failed to meet their expectations, there’s still time to change their mind. Here are some tips to help prove your partner to your parents:

1. Be stubborn: When it comes to their kids, parents can be ruthless. If your parents have nothing but bad things to say about your significant other and you disagree with them don’t just let them bury you in insults. Scream your protest from the rooftops! Don’t let them get away with being rude and overprotective.

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2. Be persistent: Just because one night went wrong doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Both you and your partner need to be persistent in your attempts to gain the parents’ approval and respect. Show your initiative  and visit again with confidence.

3. Be mature: Your parents’ love is their excuse for driving you crazy and making your life more difficult. Don’t retaliate to their verbal abuse of your partner by giving them a taste of their own medicine. This won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you might have to trade places with your parents and be the adults. Often, parents just need time. Let them have it, and they’re likely to come around.

How did you and your partner handle meeting each other’s parents? Share your comments below.