Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Holmes With Her Split from Tom CruiseCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Holmes With Her Split from Tom Cruise

As Tom Cruise’s third marriage comes to an end, Katie Holmes surprisingly reached out to ex-wife number two, Nicole Kidman, for advice and guidance in her effort to divorce Cruise, sources told Us Weekly. It’s not extremely common to become friends with your partner’s ex, but in Holmes’s case, the 45-year-old Kidman, “has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there.” The Dawson’s Creek star apparently even contacted Kidman via a disposable cell phone in order to keep Cruise from catching on. The ladies’ relationship is what really gave Holmes the edge she needed against her ex-husband, because she ultimately gained everything she hoped for in their rapid one-week settlement.

How can you be supportive of a friend going through a divorce?

Cupids Advice:

No one can go through their life without a friend to be there for them, especially when going through something as devastating as a divorce. Here are some ways to be a great friend in this situation:

1. Call first: Instead of waiting for your friend to come to you for help, reach out to him or her. They’ll appreciate the effort, even if they’re not exactly ready to talk about it. You never know if they’ve needed to talk to someone the whole time, but didn’t want to be a burden.

2. Take them out: If your friend is upset, try taking them on a weekend road trip or host a movie-marathon sleepover at your place. Getting your buddy out of that negative atmosphere will free their mind from their ex, letting them handle their problems more easily.

3. Give advice: Whether you’ve been through your own split or not, there’s still always some suggestions or influence to provide. Maybe you know a great divorce lawyer or have a relative who’s a therapist. You can always give some assistance.

What are some ways to help a friend who’s going through a divorce?