Cupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise Heads Back to Work Post-Divorce DealCupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise Heads Back to Work Post-Divorce Deal

It’s all work and no play for Tom Cruise following his Monday morning divorce settlement. He has been continuing to film his new movie Oblivion. However, he isn’t on location in Iceland any longer, as he was when the paparazzi first snapped pictures of him after news broke of Katie Holmes’ divorce file.  Now the superstar is in California’s High Sierras, where the sci-fi flick will film for another week. Cruise can go back to work so quickly because the divorce settlement was reached after mere days. People reports that Holmes’ lawyers simply said, “The case has been settled and the agreement has been signed.”

What are some things to take your mind off of a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether it’s mutual or it came unexpectedly, no split is easy. However, it’s important to try to move on, not to just isolate yourself while watching sad romantic movies. Following these helpful tips can make coping with a breakup a little more manageable:

1. Throw yourself into work: Vacation time after a split can often just give you more time to think about your newfound loneliness and the stresses that come with it. Throwing yourself back into work will let you feel accomplished and satisfied.

2. Surround yourself with friends: Being around your family may be a reminder of your breakup. After all, your ex was once a part of the family. Instead, hang out with all of your best friends, who will surely make you laugh, cry and just be yourself again.

3. Start dating again: After a split, you’ll need time to find and rediscover yourself as an independent person. However, you should also try to find out what you may or may not like in others by dating. Plus, this will help you forget about your split. Although you don’t want to find your next long term relationship right away, it’s always a healthy experience to realize that your ex isn’t the only person out there for you.

How would you take your mind off of a split? Tell us below.