Cupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes Removes Her Wedding RingCupid's Pulse Article: Katie Holmes Removes Her Wedding Ring

Katie Holmes is making her divorce from Tom Cruise public by removing her wedding ring. According to People, the Hollywood Star was taping a segment for Project Runway: All Stars this week without it.  A source says that although she appears to be handling the situation well, she has left Cruise “devastated and heartbroken.” The two had been married for five years and apparently Cruise “had no idea this was coming.”

How do you announce your divorce to friends and family?

Cupid’s Advice:

Informing the people in your life of your divorce can be a difficult task. Cupid has some advice:

1. Be honest with your children: If you have kids, talk to them and explain the situation. Let them know why it’s not working out, and that it will be difficult, but that it has nothing to do with them. Remember, no matter why you’re divorcing your significant other, that person is still their parent so the children still need to see him or her in a positive light.

2. Decide beforehand how much you want to share: Try to keep it simple when you’re telling friends or co-workers with whom you’re not very close.  Everyone will want details on the situation, so before having the conversation, figure out how much you’re willing to share.

3. Make your close friends and family aware of why you are getting a divorce: If the marriage was just not working, but your significant other did not necessarily do anything bad to you, let people know that. Be ready to face people judging you for the decision as well as people trying to side with you or him.

Do you have advice on how to tell people of your divorce? Tell us below.