Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Indulge in a Group DateCupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Indulge in a Group Date

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, the stars of Amazing Spider Man, were seen out together at the W in Los Angeles- Westwood Thursday night. The two were not alone, however. According to People, they were out to dinner with about ten other people, but held hands the entire time. Although Stone didn’t order anything, Garfield showed his affection by spoon feeding her some of his meal.

What are the advantages of group dates?

Cupid’s Advice:

While going out on dates one-on-one offers you and your partner some alone time, there are definite advantages to going out with multiple people:

1. You get to know the person better: One-on-one, the conversation tends to start as small talk. However, if you each have some friends there, you can really get to know what the other person is like by sharing stories you otherwise would not hear.

 2. It’s less nerve wracking: Everyone gets nervous before a first date, but if you have other people around to talk, it can ease the tension. Also, it can be hard to decide what your boundaries are. If you end up really liking the guy, how do you show it? What if you don’t like him? If other people are around, it takes the pressure off of you both.

3. It’s more fun: When you go out on a group date, you’re more comfortable because you know other people. It’s not just you and him so you can interact with your friends, tell funny stories and play games.

Do you prefer group dates over one on one dates? Let us know why below!