Cupid's Pulse Article: Can a Rebound Relationship Turn into True Love?Cupid's Pulse Article: Can a Rebound Relationship Turn into True Love?

By Melanie Mar

When embarking on a new relationship, having some residual emotional attachment to your ex is not something I generally advise. Having said that, there are times when a “rebound relationship” is just what the doctor ordered. The end of any serious relationship can take its toll on your personal and sexual self-confidence and you might no longer be feeling attractive, feminine or sensual. Embracing someone whom you actually feel excited about might be exactly what you need to feel better. Though you shouldn’t count on a new romance to magically eradicate all your insecurities, once in a while you will find the joy that was lacking in your last doomed coupling. Can these rebound relationships lead to true love? Absolutely! I married the man who was my rebound relationship. Here are some simple tips to help you do the same:

Cupid's Pulse Article: Can a Rebound Relationship Turn into True Love?

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1. Be honest: Be completely honest with your new partner and, most importantly, yourself. Being truthful about where you are in the process of moving forward and letting go of the past is key.

2. Be vulnerable: A secure man who truly cares for a woman will not be not deterred. Hitting slight bumps in your relationship will only inspire him to protect and support you more. It’s okay to be vulnerable, as that will often only make your relationship stronger.

3. Be open: Don’t be closed-off to the potential of what this new relationship could be. If you’re not open, you could be letting someone wonderful pass you by. Remember, rebound relationships can be successful. If you’re still afraid to open yourself up, consider hiring a relationship coach to help you.

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4. Be relaxed: Remember, stay relaxed, have fun, enjoy the courting phase and just let things take their natural course. Being nervous will only make things harder.

Melanie is a relationship and life coach, as well as co-owner of the Millionaire’s Club International Matchmaking Agency for the U.K. and Europe. She is certified by the WANT Institute in Androgynous Semantic Realignment and a Transaction Analysis practitioner certified by the United States America Transaction Analysis Association. Visit for more information.