Cupid's Pulse Article: Stars and their Pets: Dating and Mating HabitsCupid's Pulse Article: Stars and their Pets: Dating and Mating Habits

By Alejandro Russo

You might follow the love lives of stars, but have you ever wondered what their pet choices say about them and their dating habits? A new study sponsored by, the app for pet owners, could explain why Jennifer Aniston had such a hard time finding and keeping a good man after Brad Pitt, and why Paris Hilton has an endless string of boyfriends: it’s their dogs. surveyed 1,000 people and found that certain breeds were the most popular when finding a date or when just looking for a casual fling. Consider how these dogs can change your appearance to the other sex:

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1. Dogs that make you seem like boyfriend material: The survey found that the top dog breeds to attract women were German shepherds, Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Siberian huskies and French bulldogs. Respondents noted that they were over ten times more likely to see a man who owns a golden retriever as being “marriage material” than someone who owns a pit bull. This can explain why the ladies love Ryan Reynolds, who owns a golden retriever mix named Baxter, and Zac Efron, who is often seen with Puppy, his Australian shepherd. Plus, those who own a Siberian husky are viewed as more manly than those who own bulldogs: a perplexing fact when you consider that Justin Bieber has a husky and Brad Pitt has a bulldog.

2. Dogs that make you seem like girlfriend material: To attract a man, the survey found that women who own Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Chihuahuas, poodles and beagles were most effective. However, Golden retriever owners are significantly more likely to be viewed as the sort of woman who men would like as a girlfriend than those who own Chihuahuas. Kristin Davis, Sheryl Crow, Eliza Dushku, Anna Paquin and America Ferrera are all women who have this very appealing dog.

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3. Dogs that make you seem like a one-night stand: So what about Chihuahuas? Their owners, like Paris Hilton, aren’t usually perceived in the best light. Most people thought that Chihuahua owners were more likely to be dumb and “just a one-night stand” than those who owned any other breed. Of course, if you’re looking for hook-ups, this might not be a problem: Chihuahuas are still very attractive to men.

Alejandro Russo is the CEO of Klooff, the premier app for pet loves. It lets users express themselves and show off their pets in a fun and stylish way. With Klooff, users can create profiles for their pets, post pics of them to Facebook and create cool custom products featuring their lovable pooches and kitties.